Monoblocs Hydrogel CMC

  • Completely biocompatible and biodegradable filler!
  • Envelope with almost twice the elastic strength compared with silicone gel implants
  • For the patient, no longer the need for MRI to detect a rupture: the breast will deflate slightly in an almost painless manner
  • The hydrogels are completely transparent to X-rays, making the interpretation of mammograms as easy as on a non-implanted patient
Implant SiliconeImplant Hydrogel
    • Characteristics

Monobloc Hydrogel-CMC ARION

Mechanical properties of the envelopeElongation of about 800%, of uniform thickness over the entire envelope through an optimised  and semi-automated dipping process. Failure rate less than state of the art
Properties of patch

Autogenous welding of occlusion discs, patented by Laboratoires ARION. The occlusion disc is integral part of the envelope and has the same mechanical properties as the latter, hence the name Monobloc (SEE CHART BELOW).

Filling productHydrogel-CMC (cellulose gel) developed by Dr. HG Arion (inventor of the first inflatable breast prosthesis, chemist and surgeon) in 1965. Biocompatible and biodegradable gel (purity demonstrated by Carbon14 monitoring) tested according to the latest standards in force. Physicochemical properties are not altered by the steriliSation process using superheated water
SterilisationSuperheated water produced internally. This process retains the properties of the hydrogel and does not damage the implant.

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